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Age : 48 ans
Taille : 145 cm
Poids : 89 Kg
Cheveux : Auburn
Yeux : Verts
Signe : Gemeaux
Fumeur : Oui
Profession : Autre
Age : 59 ans
Taille : 147 cm
Poids : 78 Kg
Cheveux : Blond
Yeux : Marrons
Signe : Verseau
Fumeur : Non
Profession : Conseil

Département : Côte d'Or
Ville : Dijon
Pays : France
Mobilité : Se deplace uniquement
Webcam : Oui
Site : Aucun

"When I compose it's an inner discipline that controls me. No concerts, rehearsals, interviews! It's another way of living and I prefer it in a way. If you want to skip dinner and work all night, sleep all day, you just do's another person that emerges, more absorbed in an interior world. But it's hard to make the transition between the two lives [conducting and composing], and to clear everybody else's music out of your head to make room for your own." -Leonard ‪#‎Bernstein‬ (interview with Judith Karp, September, 1979)